Louisiana Reactive Chemical Consultant & Investigation Services

Oil refineries, chemical plants, and other process industry facilities in Louisiana need to be aware of the safety and potential incident risks associated with all aspects their facilities and processes. By putting good process safety management and risk management safety practices in place, Louisiana organizations in the hazardous waste and toxic chemical industries can prevent potential chemical reactions and lower their risks of future headline making incidents. Mark V Inc. assists companies by providing industry-leading consulting services that will help you avoid explosions, fires, and spills resulting from a chemical incident in the field or at your facility.

I work tirelessly to educate my clients on safety and how to take the proper precautions for process industry facilities in Louisiana. In addition to helping companies prevent uncontrolled reactions, Mark Five Inc. leads incident investigations to uncover the cause of explosions and fires take place inside of process industry plants or field incidents involving the release of toxic waste and hazardous materials into the environment. I utilize the multiple-cause, systems-oriented incident investigation methodology to investigate all incidents. It allows me to see what steps companies could have taken to prevent incidents while also helping me to make recommendations as far as what companies can do to stop similar incidents in the future.

With more than 30 years of experience in the process industries and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to OSHA and EPA regulations, I provide expert witness testimony in court and carry out hazard assessment for community action panels.

If you would like to obtain any of the services offered by Mark V Inc., reach out to me at 304-757-3997 or 304-550-2195 today.