I am a chemical engineer with diverse experience in chemical plant design, operation, maintenance, and management. Recently I have held the positions of Engineering Manager, with full responsibility for a 250 person engineering division; Technical Manager, responsible for Engineering, Maintenance and Environmental, Health and Safety; Plant Manager and Vice President and General Manager, with full responsibility for a 235 person chemical manufacturing facility. In these positions, I increased productivity and improved safety, environmental and quality performance.

PPG Industries established a process safety group in the mid-1970’s to perform HAZOP studies and perform accident investigations. As one of the team members, I received HAZOP and accident investigation training from Ellis Knowlton of ICI, the developer of this methodology. Process safety has played a big role in my career ever since.

As part of a chemical engineering consulting firm, I have performed numerous root cause incident investigations throughout my career using many different methodologies and team organizations. My chemical, mechanical and engineering background, along with my creative abilities, have allowed me to successfully resolve each of these incidents.

I have performed and supervised the performance, of all of the elements contained in OSHA’s Process Safety Management regulation 29 CFR 1910.119, including compliance auditing, for numerous processes and clients.

I have prepared or supervised the preparation of numerous policy, procedure, methodology, and protocol books, handbooks, and documents related to processing safety, hazardous materials, and accident investigation.

I have worked with a community in a major city to evaluate the hazards presented to them by an adjacent chemical facility handling reactive chemicals, evaluated the adequacy of the safeguards utilized to protect against those hazards and made recommendations for additional safeguards that should be implemented by the chemical company.