Gulf Coast Process Safety & Risk Management Services

Mark V Inc. specializes in providing hazard assessments to process industry companies in the Gulf Coast and can see to it that your company handles issues involving toxic material releases properly. With over 30 years of experience in the process industries and I offer consulting services for process safety management and risk management safety for hazardous materials and hazardous waste.

Beyond helping both private companies and public organizations meet compliance and safety standards, I also provide incident investigation in the aftermath of a fire, explosion, or toxic material releases at your plant, refinery, or other facility in the Gulf Coast.

It takes a combination of skill, extensive experience, and an in-depth knowledge of OSHA and EPA regulations to get to the root of a hazardous material incident. Conducting the most extensive of investigations to uncover the true cause of the incident before providing a detailed prevention plan, I rely on the multiple-cause, systems-oriented incident investigation methodology and have a background in engineering that allows for me to properly diagnose and assess problems within a facility that led to an incident.

At Mark V Inc., I offer a wide range of consulting services for those interested in process safety management and risk management safety. In addition to incident investigation, I provide expert witness testimony, perform hazard assessments on reactive chemicals, and carry out process safety audits for large and small organizations all along the Gulf Coast.

For more information the services I can provide to those in the Gulf Coast or call me at 304-757-3997 or 304-550-2195 today for an immediate response.